Removing the borders and barriers to medication

International medications for self-funded health plans

How RxManage helps

want to help their clients save on prescription medications.

RxManage steps in
with global prescription sourcing, reducing costs by up to 70%.


introduces the program to the employer, saving them money while expanding benefits.

Employees receive accessible, more affordable prescriptions, helping them live healthier, happier lives.

We help you lower the cost of
prescription plans.
We can help you save by sourcing medications globally.
We help lower the cost
of your medications.

Benefits of working with us

With our international pharmacy mail order program, consultants can help drive down prescription costs by providing self-funded employers with significant savings on their Rx claims (up to 70%) while providing medications at no cost to the employee.


+ Offer an improved Rx solution to employers

+ Reduce claim costs and make a measurable difference for health plans


+ Ongoing open enrollment and program support

+ Free analysis of historical costs to validate program savings


+ Mobile-friendly ordering platform

+ Easy-access customer service and toll-free customer service center