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What benefits does your program offer compared to my existing program?

Zero co-pay on traditional plans, or up to 70% savings on HD plans for the same premium-quality prescription brand medications you are receiving now.

  • Convenient delivery of your medications to your doorstep.
  • Automatic refills to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medication year round.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is through your employer. Our program is complementary to your existing program and does not replace it. After your employer has signed up to our program, enrollment can be undertaken by either a simple call to our customer service center, or by faxing a completed enrollment form to our dedicated electronic fax-line.

After I have enrolled in your program what is the order process?

After obtaining a prescription from your doctor, an order can be placed by either calling our customer service center or by completing an order form as provided by your sponsor and faxing or emailing it, along with your prescription for review by our pharmacy team. Once your eligibility for plan benefits has been confirmed with your employer and your order details have been reviewed by our pharmacy team your order will be processed then shipped to the address you have supplied.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Prescription orders are normally shipped from our contracted pharmacies within a week of order placement once all details are confirmed. Once shipped, your medications will usually take 10-15 working days to arrive. US postal addresses must be USPS deliverable.

How much medication am I able to order at once?

We will ship a maximum of 90 days supply of each medication per order

How do I place a refill order?

A refill order will be automatically placed for you 65 days after your first order has shipped. You will be contacted by email or phone to confirm all details are correct. If there are no changes to your order details your order will be processed and shipped.

How can I be confident about the quality of your medications?

All prescription medications offered on the program are sourced through licensed pharmacies in Tier 1 countries (as defined by the US congress) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturing plants.

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